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Ake Gronlund, Tuomo Kauranne, Frank Hartkamp, Olov Forsgren, Huberta Kritzenberger, Lars Albinsson, Ake Gronelund

Managing Electronic Services: A Public Sector Perspective (Practitioner Series (Springer-Verlag).)

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ISBN: 1852332816
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
Electronic Service Management is an emerging concept. It covers the organisational, economic technical and user issues involved when integrating the development of electronic services. This is particularly important (and more complicated) within public sector organisations. Managing Electronic Services provides an easy to read and practical guide to portal-electronic services development in the public sector. The book takes an organisational perspective asking 'How do you make things work in your organisation and in relation to your customers or users?' By integrating the managerial, technical and economic issues, the authors can put them into context with the need to understand user requirements and expectations. Lots of examples are provided, giving tips on how to avoid many of the pitfalls you might meet along the way, and showing you how to diagnose potential problems and find ways of dealing with them effectively.