Обложка книги The Encyclopedia of Novels into Film

The Encyclopedia of Novels into Film

ISBN: 0816063818;
Издательство: Checkmark Books
Страниц: 586

Amazon.comOne of the great pleasures of moviegoing is seeing a beloved novel adapted for the screen; one of the big delights of novel reading is encountering a book that has been made into a favorite film. The Encyclopedia of Novels into Films is an expansive volume that will guide you through the rich history of film adaptation. Each entry falls into two parts: the first describes the original novel; the second assesses the film it inspired. Particularly interesting are records for books like Dracula , Les Miserables , Great Expectations , The Body Snatchers , and The Great Gatsby , which were each made into several radically different movies. Some entries may surprise you. Did you know that The Silence of the Lambs , Shaft , and Rear Window were bestselling books before they became famous films? Trivia like this, along with larger issues about how to transform literature into visual art are covered in this wonderful and...