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Keith Sutherland

Understanding the Internet: A Clear Guide to Internet Technologies

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ISBN: 0750645555
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
The Internet continues to grow at a very rapid rate. Together with this growth there is an accompanying growth of the technologies on which it is based. These technologies make use of TCP/IP as their foundation. To start to make sense of all these interrelated systems it is important that today's computer user be aware of the technologies on which the Internet is based. This book introduces those technologies and is aimed at the Internet user who wishes to understand the technologies on which much of today's business and recreational computing is based. As such, the intention of this book is to give a succinct overview of 'how it all works' rather than provide a comprehensive reference work. This book will help you quickly obtain an understanding of the technological principles behind the Internet/communications revolution in both your working and recreational lives, and: · provides a thorough understanding of intranets, extranets and the...