Обложка книги Assistive Technology: Essential Human Factors

Assistive Technology: Essential Human Factors

ISBN: 0205273262;
Издательство: Pearson Education

The Information Age has transformed the way in which humans communicate and interact with each other in almost every aspect. This new relationship between humans and technology has been an added convenience for some, and a sheer blessing for others; for those with physical and communication impairments, modern-day technology has transformed daily living into a journey toward capability instead of disability. In its examination of assistive technology, this book serves as an essential resource for clinicians, product developers, families and individuals as they recommend, select, purchase, design, and use assistive technology. Combining real experience and academic research, King examines how humans can adapt to machinery and increase the acceptance, effectiveness, and efficiency of technology. This book investigates how psychological factors (such as fear, stress, rejection, etc.) can affect the efficiency of assistive technology. Product developers,...

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