Обложка книги ErgAerobics: Why does working @ my computer hurt so much?

ErgAerobics: Why does working @ my computer hurt so much?


ISBN: 0966409000;
Издательство: Ergaerobics

ErgAerobics:Why does working @ my computer hurt so much? is a comprehensive guide to help computer users prevent and treat Computer Induced Repetitive Stress Injuries (CIRSIs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ, etc. Computer use has dramatically increased in the last ten years with no sign of decline in sight. With increased use, the likelihood of a computer user experiencing one or more CIRSIs is greater. Everyone knows someone who has had carpal tunnel syndromeor severe back pain. The US Department of Labor estimates that one-half of the workforce will experience a repetitive stress injury at some point in their career. You may or may not feel the effects yet, but chances are that after years, or even just months of computer use, you will become a victim, too. This book can help you avoid a potentially chronic situation. CIRSIs are explained, causes are examined, and treatment and prevention options are discussed. A comprehensive...

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