Обложка книги Ergonomic Design for Material Handling Systems

Ergonomic Design for Material Handling Systems


ISBN: 1566702240;
Издательство: Lewis Publishers, Inc.

The ergonomics focus is on how to design work tasks, tools, and environments to fit the capabilities and limitations of people. Ergonomic Design for Material Handling Systems describes how ergonomics can be applied specifically to load handling, both in the original design of systems and in their modification to make jobs easier and safer. Proven techniques (such as flow charting, or job analysis) are combined with new considerations (such as biomechanics and repetitive trauma) to optimize facility, workstation, equipment, and job procedures.Ergonomic Design for Material Handling Systems shows how ergonomics overlaps and intertwines with traditional engineering and management, uniting them to produce ease and efficiency in material handling. This book demonstrates how to lay out facilities in order to achieve the most efficient and safe design. It tells how to organize tasks, machinery, people, and materials to improve work flow and "humanize" your workplaces. Consideration of human...

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