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Wesley E. Woodson, Peggy Tillman, Barry Tillman

Human Factors Design Handbook

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ISBN: 0070717680, 9780070717688
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional
Practical guidelines for the Ergonomic Design of Products and Facilities You'll find: Key Descisions to make at the conceptual design stage; Diagrams, charts and checklists; Data on cognitive skills, sensory capacities, mobility, strength, and dexterity;Tables of Engineering unit conversions and scientific constants; Designs that "fit the user"; Human Body size, reach, strength, reaction time, environmental stress resistance. Now revised and updated, this definitive guide--recognized worldwide as the leading source of ergonomics data and guidelines--is even more useful for integrating the human factor in the design of facilities, systems, products, and equipment. To help you ensure safe and efficient use, and prevent user error, injury, inconvenience, or dissatisfaction, the second edition of Human Factors Design Handbook includes step-by-step guidelines and valuable human factor data for identifying and accommodating the needs of people in architecture and the design of furnishings,...
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