Обложка книги Introduction to Ergonomics

Introduction to Ergonomics

ISBN: 0415273781;
Издательство: CRC Press

In this new edition of his core textbook, the author gives a comprehensive introduction to ergonomics as the study of the relationship between people and their working environment, and sets out the fundamental principles and key applications of the discipline. The reader needs only minimal scientific background knowledge, since the anatomical and physiological foundations of the subject are presented in the introductory chapters. The rest of the subject is explained in a range of social and technologicalcontexts, including: anthropometry, biomechanics and workspace design; office work, manual handling and repetitive work; physical workload, fatigue and stress; physiological methods; environmental factors which affect productivity and health;human information processing and task performance; control and display design; cognitive ergonomics and human-machine interaction, including the internet; human error, accidents and safety; and organizational and psychosocial design of work. ...

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