Обложка книги Black Hat Physical Device Security

Black Hat Physical Device Security

ISBN: 193226681X; 9781932266818;
Издательство: Syngress
Страниц: 448

This book presents a methodology to approach and detect similar types of vulnerabilities in individual security devices that plague the software industry. Bypassing key components in a security system can negate the presence of other subsystems. Our content supplies an applicable process of assessment that will never age. As long as hardware and software work together and data is sent over wires or airwaves the methods contained in this book will help detect flaws and information leakage in physical security devices. Not only do we supply a methodology and checklist for finding common exposures, our book also supplies real world scenarios and shows how bypassing specific equipment can render a security system powerless. Though the exposures relate to software in theory, the specific attacks and methods used to assess a given hardware device will be based on that category of devices and technology that relates to those devices. For example, data injection into a video stream...