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IBM WebSphere V5.0 Security WebSphere Handbook Series

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ISBN: 0738425494
Издательство: Vervante
This IBM Redbook provides IT Architects, IT Specialists, application designers, application developers, application assemblers, application deployers and consultants with information to design, develop and deploy secure e-business applications using WebSphere Application Server V5. The WebSphere security part of the book provides a detailed overview of WebSphere Application Server V5 Security. It starts with J2EE security, then goes into details about the modules and components of a J2EE enterprise application; it also covers programmatic security techniques. The last chapter in this part shows all the security-related administrative items in WebSphere Application Server V5. The end-to-end security part of the book offers details about end-to-end security solutions where WebSphere Application Server V5 is part of an enterprise solution. You will find an introduction to Patterns for e-business, in which security is in focus. A very important chapter in this part will discuss the...