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Danny Wallace

Yes Man

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ISBN: 1416900667
Издательство: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 400
Book Description Imagine being completely open. Imagine a life in which we accept every single chance, offer, or challenge -- take every single risk. Thankfully, Danny Wallace has done it so we don't have to. Recently single, Danny is alone and on a road to nowhere. One day on that road, a stranger on a bus tells him to say "yes" more. A months-long journey that changes not only Danny's life but perhaps the world ensues. Soon after vowing to be more open, Danny wins $45,000 and becomes a television executive, far above his level of experience or ability ("just because I said 'yes' a lot in meetings I wasn't supposed to be in"). He becomes a minister. Falls afoul of psychotropic drugs. Gives spare change to anyone who asks. Invents things. Travelsthe globe. Vows to help the son of a murdered sultan escape Oman with forty million dollars ("It's not an Internet scam -- it's a cry for help"). But not every yes is an instant ticket to newfound wealth and happiness. Just as Danny...