Обложка книги Yes: Screenplay and Notes

Yes: Screenplay and Notes

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ISBN: 1557046662;
Издательство: Newmarket press
Страниц: 105

The only book by the writer/director of Orlando and The Tango Lesson about her daring, new movie starring Joan Allen, coming from Sony Pictures Classics in May. "How can I describe Yes ? Is it a love story? It's certainly romantic, but it is also quite definitely political. And it is also funny, though you couldn't really call it a comedy," says Sally Potter about the movie she began writing immediately following 9/11 as a response to the demonization of theArab world in the West and the simultaneous wave of hatred against America. The story: She (Joan Allen) is an Irish-American scientist who is being strangled by her marriage to Anthony. She begins an affair with He (Simon Abkarian), a Lebanese surgeon exiled in London, who is working as a cook. Sam Neill plays Anthony, the betrayed and betraying politician husband, and Shirley Henderson is a philosophical cleaner who witnesses the trail of heartbreak the lovers leave behind them, as they embark on a...