Обложка книги An Array of Challenges Test Your SAS Skills

An Array of Challenges Test Your SAS Skills

ISBN: 1555448062;
Издательство: SAS Publishing

Take a deep breath and prepare to be challenged. This brain-teasing book is designed for you to assess your programming savvy through short, FUN, and puzzling SAS programming problems. No hardware required! Test your knowledge of arrays; DATA step flow;DO loops; FREQ, MEANS, and SUMMARY procedures; MERGE, OUTPUT, RETAIN, SET, Sum, and WHERE statements; merging data sets; and reading raw data. The text is witty, yet the problems require concentration. The pace is yours; every few pages introduce a new problem and solution. An array of challenges is what you'll find in the pages of this book! To add excitement to the more advanced problems, Virgile has included the suggested time to beat. Good luck and have fun! Supports releases 6.09 and higher of SAS software.