Обложка книги An Introductory Guide to SPSS for Windows

An Introductory Guide to SPSS for Windows

ISBN: 0761900012;
Издательство: SAGE Publications

Do you need to conduct data analysis with SPSS but are unfamiliar with the software? This book will help you become a proficient SPSS (Version 7.5 for Windows 95) user by teaching you the fundamentals. The book covers the following critical basic skills: how to create data sets by defining and coding data, using a codebook and entering data; how to run SPSS and work with different SPSS files; how to manipulate data by recoding values, computing values, and selecting subsets of cases to include in an analysis; how to manage data files by reading data that have been entered using other software; how to append and merge files; how to analyze data using SPSS pull-down menus; and how to analyze data using programs written in SPSS syntax.

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