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D. R. Shier, K. T. Wallenius, Douglas R. Shier

Applied Mathematical Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Approach

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ISBN: 1584880481
Издательство: CRC Press
The practice of modeling is best learned by those armed with fundamental methodologies and exposed to a wide variety of modeling experience. Ideally, this experience could be obtained by working on actual modeling problems. But time constraints often make this difficult. Applied Mathematical Modeling provides a collection of models illustrating the power and richness of the mathematical sciences in supplying insight into the operation of important real-world systems. It fills a gap within modeling texts,focusing on applications across a broad range of disciplines. The first part of the book discusses the general components of the modeling process and highlights the potential of modeling in practice. These chapters discuss the general components of the modeling process, and the evolutionary nature of successful model building. The second part provides a rich compendium of case studies, each one complete with examples, exercises, and projects.In keeping with the multidimensional nature...
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