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Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Martinez

Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB

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ISBN: 1584882298
Издательство: CRC Press
Approaching computational statistics through its theoretical aspects can be daunting. Often intimidated or distracted by the theory, researchers and students can lose sight of the actual goals and applications of the subject. What they need are its key concepts, an understanding of its methods, experience with its implementation, and practice with computational software.Focusing on the computational aspects of statistics rather than the theoretical, Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB uses a down-to-earth approach that makes statistics accessible to a wide range of users. The authors integrate the use of MATLAB throughout the book, allowing readers to see the actual implementation of algorithms, but also include step-by-step procedures to allowimplementation with any suitable software. The book concentrates on the simulation/Monte Carlo point of view, and contains algorithms for exploratory data analysis, modeling, Monte Carlo simulation, pattern recognition, bootstrap,...
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