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James A. Murtha

Decisions Involving Uncertainty : An @RISK Tutorial for the Petroleum Industry

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ISBN: 1893281027
Издательство: Palisade Corporation
A great extension of Dr. Murtha's highly successful seminars on the use of @RISK in the petroleum industry. You start with 2 chapters to get up to speed on the philosophy of risk analysis and the requisite principles in probability, statistics, and MonteCarlo simulation. Following are the basic steps you?d take to actually build, run, and interpret results for a real risk analysis model in @RISK. To make it as hands-on as possible, Dr. Murtha includes lots of petroleum examples - an accompanying CD includes all these examples pre-built in Excel worksheets. Volumetric reserves, exponential decline, porosity and water saturation, waterflood prospect, and competitive bidding are some of the examples. This is a rare offering in that you'll learn aboutthe concepts of risk analysis while also getting some very solid hands-on experience with risk analysis modelling in @RISK 4.0. A trial version of @RISK 4.0 is also included!
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