Обложка книги Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple

Dynamical Systems with Applications using Maple

ISBN: 0817641505;
Издательство: Birkhauser Boston

"Dynamical Systems with Applications using MAPLE" covers standard material for an introduction to dynamical systems theory. The text begins with a tutorial guide to MAPLE and thereafter is divided into two main areas: continuous systems using ordinary differential equations and discrete dynamical systems. In the first part of the text, differential equations are used to model examples taken from various disciplines, including mechanical systems, chemical kinetics, electric circuits, interacting species, and economics. In the second half, both real and complex discrete dynamical systems are considered and examples are taken from economics, population dynamics, nonlinear optics, and materials science. Approximately 200 illustrations, over 250 examples, and exercises with solutions play a key role in the presentation. The book has a hands-on approach, using MAPLE as a tool throughout.Common themes such as bifurcation, bistability, chaos, instability, multistability, and periodicity...

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