Обложка книги Handbook of Statistics 9: Computational Statistics

Handbook of Statistics 9: Computational Statistics

ISBN: 0444880968;
Издательство: North-Holland

Hardbound. The chapters in this volume, written by specialists in computer science and statistics, illustrate the trend in modern statistics of basic methodology supported by the state-of-the-art computational and graphical facilities, and their applications to diverse fields of human endeavour. Specifically, the Handbook is designed to serve as a practical guide to consulting statisticians; to provide research workers with an overview of current developments in computing and indicate their possible use in statistical work; to bring the latest developments in certain areas of computing and demands for the future to the attention of computer scientists; and to promote an interface between statisticians and computer scientists for the benefit of both. This work is a valuable guide to computer scientists, statistical consultants, computer programmers and research workers in all fields involved in data analysis.

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