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James William Bruce, P. J. Giblin, P. J. Rippon

Microcomputers and Mathematics

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ISBN: 0521312388
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
The interaction between computers and mathematics is becoming more and more important at all levels as computers become more sophisticated. This book shows how simple programs can be used to do significant mathematics. The purpose of this book is to give those with some mathematical background a wealth of material with which to appreciate both the power of the microcomputer and its relevance to the study of mathematics. The authors cover topics such as number theory, approximate solutions, differential equations and iterative processes, with each chapter self contained. Many exercises and projects are included giving ready-made material for demonstrating mathematical ideas. Only fundamental knowledge of mathematics is assumed and programming is restricted to "basic BASIC" which will be understood by any microcomputer. The book may be used as a textbook for algorithmic mathematics at several levels, since all the topics covered appear in any undergraduate mathematics course.
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