Обложка книги Nonlinear Physics With Maple for Scientists and Engineers

Nonlinear Physics With Maple for Scientists and Engineers


ISBN: 081764119X;
Издательство: Birkhauser Boston

Previously published in two separate volumes, this new edition now combines both the standard text and the lab files into one comprehensive volume, and includes a cross-platform CD-ROM containing the Maple code, files and worksheets. Nonlinear physics continues to be an area of dynamic modern research, with applications to physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, biology, medicine and economics. In this second edition extensive use is made of the computer algebra system, Maple V. No prior knowledge of Maple or of programming is assumed. The authors have provided 74 Maple files on a CD-ROM, all classroom tested, as well as 60 annotated Maple worksheets. These files and worksheets may be used to both solve and explore the text's 400 problems. The book includes 30 experimental activities which are intended to deepen and broaden the reader's understanding of the nonlinear physics. These activities are correlated with Part I, the theoretical framework of the text.

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