Обложка книги SAS for Forecasting Time Series

SAS for Forecasting Time Series


ISBN: 0471395668; 9780471395669;
Издательство: Wiley-SAS
Страниц: 424

Easy-to-read and comprehensive, this book shows how the SAS System performs multivariate time series analysis and features the advanced SAS procedures STATSPACE, ARIMA, and SPECTRA. The interrelationship of SAS/ETS procedures is demonstrated with an accompanying discussion of how the choice of a procedure depends on the data to be analysed and the reults desired. Other topics covered include detecting sinusoidal components in time series models and performing bivariate corr-spectral analysis and comparing the results with the standard transfer function methodology. The authors? unique approach to integrating students in a variety of disciplines and industries. Emphasis is on correct interpretation of output to draw meaningful conclusions. The volume, co-pubished by SAS and JWS, features both theory and practicality, and accompanies a soon-to-be extensive library of SAS hands-on manuals in a multitude of statistical areas. The book can be used with a number of hardware-specific...

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