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SPSS For Windows Made Simple


ISBN: 0863776116;
Издательство: Psychology Pr

This new edition incorporates recent developments in SPSS (and in Windows) by drawing upon screen images, dialog boxes and output from SPSS 8 in the Windows 95 environment. A feature of SPSS 8 is the new, powerful Viewer output manager, which enables theuser to produce better tables, charts and graphs by affording greater editorial control over both content and appearance than was possible in previous versions. The first six chapters (on data handling and exploration, graph plotting and two-sample statistical tests) and the associated exercises provide an introduction to the basics of working with SPSS, while the remaining chapters cover more advanced topics such as various ANOVA designs, correlation and regression, loglinear analysis, discriminant anlysis and factor analysis. In response to the comments of readers worldwide, the authors have expanded sections on the inputting and exploration of data, graphical procedures and advice on choosing appropriate statistical tests....

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