Обложка книги International Operations Management

International Operations Management

ISBN: 8763000687;
Издательство: Copenhagen Business School Pr

In the new world of e-business, competition takes on a new intensity and a variety of flavors. The unique dynamics of the international online marketplace often requires organizations to pursue multiple, simultaneous, and seemingly contradictory strategies. To identify what is both possible and advantageous, organizations must learn to think smarter and act faster - more so than the toughest competitors they can possibly imagine. This means moving beyond market leadership to another level - one that enables an enterprise to "leapfrog" the competition. International e-business success starts with world-class supply chain management and an enabling infrastructure that is a critical component of today's global enterprise not to be overlooked. E-businessis obviously the future, and the Business-to-Business (B2B) component is taking the lead in defining what success will look like in this future. Additionally, in this emerging world of business, adaptation to constant change will prove...