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Platinum Millennium

Million Dollar E-mails: The guide to creating effective, persuasive Internet email marketing campaigns that actually increase sales and work!

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ISBN: 0972261303
Издательство: Platinum Millennium
Million Dollar E-mails will teach you step-by-step how to use high -powered words, phrases, and slogans that will grab your customer?s attention and sell! Whether you are selling ideas, a service or widgets, Million Dollar E-mails guarantees theexpert sales professional an expanded, rejuvenated repertoire and the novice a feeling of confidence. You?ll learn how to create, send, and track highly successful e-mail campaigns that get results and turn profits. Also included are lists of resources for e-mail list brokers and service bureaus, credit card companies and corporations offering merchant accounts, books and software on Web marketing, and more. Some of the benefits to e-mail marketing include; Instant Results. Minutes aftersending out your email campaign you can start seeing responses and orders. Low cost. No printing, no postage, no mail house charges. Email is nearly free to send out! Testing on the go. How fast do you want to see results?...