Обложка книги The Rise of the Blogosphere

The Rise of the Blogosphere

ISBN: 0275989968;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Страниц: 200

In 1985 The WELL, a dial-up discussion board based on the utilization of desktop computer technology, invited popular participation in one of the first examples of what would eventually evolve into the "blog"- an interactive website allowing reaction comments to initial statements, and now providing the primary Internet means for dialogue. The WELL began with the phrase: "You own your own words." Though almost everything else about online discussion has changed in the two decades since, those words still describe its central premise, and this basic idea underlies both the power and the popularity of blogging today. Appropriately enough, it also describes American journalism as it existed a century and a half before The WELL was organized, before the concept of popular involvement in the press was nearly swept away on the rising tide of commercial and professional journalism. In this book, which is the first to provide readers with a cultural/historical account of the blog, as well as...