Обложка книги April Cornell Decorating with Color

April Cornell Decorating with Color

ISBN: 1402716133;
Издательство: Sterling/Chapelle
Страниц: 144

Book Description Color made easy with design diva April Cornell. Designer April Cornell—owner of more than 100 boutiques throughout North America, as well as a successful wholesale company—walks home decorators through the mysteries of choosing and combing hues, of transforming a house from blah to dynamic, and of using color to create a mood. Every photo fairly pulsates with richness and texture, and the images provide ample instruction on drawing from nature’s own palette, bringing visual contrast into home decor, and defining personal colors. Throughout, Cornell offers specific paint suggestions and quick decorating ideas, including plans for adding bright details (vivid duvets, vibrant tablecloths) everywhere, decorating a child’s room in lively, happy tones, and even entertaining colorfully. April Cornell has beautifully translated her artful combinations of color and floral designs into exquisite collections of...