Обложка книги Contemporary Asian Bathrooms (Contemporary Asian Home)

Contemporary Asian Bathrooms (Contemporary Asian Home)

ISBN: 0794601774; 9780794601775;
Издательство: Periplus Editions
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionAs the designs in this book show, Asia's most successful decorators have worked wonders with bathrooms. Here you'll find artfully arranged tubs and basins, shower curtains adjusted just so for perfect coloring, and glass panels placedat intriguing geometric angles. These brilliant strategies prove that astute decorators consider the bathroom as important as any other room. Shot entirely on location, Contemporary Asian Bathrooms presents the newest trends emerging in Asian home design. Gorgeous full-color photographs showcase the sexy new look and fantasy appeal of today's bathrooms. The book includes page after page of one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor bathroom designs in 50 luxury homes and hotels across Southeast Asia, ranging from the minimalist to the exotic, and exclusive city penthouses to rural country homes. This book offers homeowners new ideas for showers, tubs, fixtures, tiles and lighting that will inspire a new approach to modern bathroom design.

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