Обложка книги Maine Living

Maine Living

ISBN: 1586853708;
Издательство: Gibbs Smith, Publisher
Страниц: 176

Maine's beauty has always captured hearts, but has never been for the faint of heart. Its severe climate and geographical remoteness have no use for fussy, high-design and big-city styles. Maine Country is about living with pragmatic grace. But grace doesn't preclude bold colors and striking forms! In the sumptuous pictures throughout this book, which cover the diversity of Maine's landscape-from inland lakes to the salty coast, from rural landscapes to city dwelling, from architecture in snow to Maine's celebrations of summer-Carol Bass proves that Maine style goes far beyond stereotyped lobster traps. And because Mainers highly prize self-reliance and authenticity, all of the designs you'll find here are products of the real people wholive real lives. When the summer folks have gone home, the subtly-nuanced individuality of life in Maine, shines out like a lighthouse beacon. Carol Bass is the owner of Cottage Style Furniture, and also the author of The Cottage Book.