Обложка книги Spa: The Sensuous Experience

Spa: The Sensuous Experience

ISBN: 1920744401; 9781920744403;
Издательство: Images Publishing Group
Страниц: 255
Формат: 280x280 мм

The mere mention of the word'spa'conjures up images of relaxation, therapy and luxury; over the last decade, contemporary society has readily embraced'spa culture'. In order to meet increasing public demand, institutions worldwide have opened their doors to provide their own definition of a spa - from medical day spas in mid-Manhattan to five-star destination spas in the south of France. The concept of the spa: healing waters, massage and body treatments - has now pervaded our way of life and leisure in a manner never witnessed before. Spa: The Sensuous Experience provides a timely exploration of 40 of the very best spas created over the years, from more recent examples to traditional destinations that have become classic icons in the spa world. New York based architect and professor, Robert D. Henry, a recognised authority in the field of spa design both in the USA and overseas, provides a comprehensive foreword to the unprecedented publication.

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