Обложка книги Buy Your Home Smarter with Feng Shui

Buy Your Home Smarter with Feng Shui


ISBN: 0971065209;
Издательство: Dragon Chi Publications
Страниц: 280

Book DescriptionBe a Wise Buyer Have the power of Feng Shui on your side for your next home purchase! Buy Your Home Smarter with Feng Shui is the How-To Winner of USA Book News "Best Books 2004" Awards. Holly Ziegler, the de facto Real Estate ? Feng Shui expert, shows you what to look for, and what to avoid, in homes and land. Save precious days and weeks house-hunting focus only on those properties with good Feng Shui, the ones that will bring you tranquility, beneficial energy,abundance, and good luck! ? Use ancient secrets to select the best house for you. ? Avoid buyer?s remorse by analyzing property with Feng Shui Eyes. ? Use simple checklists to scrutinize each home you preview according to time-honored Feng Shui principles. ? Understand the subtle, energetic reasons some houses are luckier for you than for others.

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