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Stafford Cliff

Estilos de vida : Hogares, entornos, disenos, interiores, detalles, acabados

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ISBN: 8495939924
Издательство: Blume
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 480
Book Description Architectural styles and decorating details from every corner of the world, from the modest adobe dwelling to a skyscraper of glass and steel, are compared in this treatise on design. The genius of each culture shines through in its distinctive use of colors and materials, and in the way the spaces are arranged. From an unadorned Vietnamese sitting room to a bustling Neapolitan street market, or a modern London flat and a baroque drawing room in Versailles, this book is a forum in which old and new, organic and synthetic, rustic and urbane happily coexist.
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