Обложка книги Havana Style (Icons)

Havana Style (Icons)

ISBN: 3822834653; 978-3-8228-3465-7;
Издательство: Taschen
Страниц: 192

It is one of the world's most successful stage shows - running now for decades, evening after evening, at the same venue, but each day with different actors and dialogues: Sunset on the Malecon. The moment the promenade between the city and the Atlantic becomes immersed in a golden light, the kissing, dancing, drinking and celebrating starts along the quay wall. As if the life of the city were being presented in concentrated form -for a couple of hours at least, the Malecon becomes Havana's heart and soul. And like no other place in Cuba, Havana satisfies that craving. With streets, bars, squares in which life simply throbs - and with apartments which are not so much places of private retreat as public meeting points. In their homes in Havana people gather together their favourite people and their favourite things - whether they match one another or not. Chests of drawers from the colonial era stand next to sideboards from the 1950s, ancient rocking chairs loll beside wobbly plastic...