Обложка книги A Tool of God: What Does It Mean to Be a Tool of God

A Tool of God: What Does It Mean to Be a Tool of God

ISBN: 1410769453;
Издательство: Authorhouse
Страниц: 444

Book Description"A Tool Of God" Sherry "Sheri" Bahm?s psychic journal illustrates the growing relationship between the gifted domestic engineer and the spirits of murder victims while rearing two young sons in today?s society. Circuit Court Judge Vincent and politically active Margaret Sherry were two of the contract murder victims that returned in spirit form giving pertinent information regarding their cases. One of the many names that the spirit of Mrs. Sherry revealed to thegifted person was her husband?s best friend and law partner, Pete Halat, who was convicted in 1997 as one of the guilty conspirators. This manuscript contains copies of the 1991 and 1996 Federal Indictments, U.S. District Judge Charles W. Pickering's bench opinions before the sentencing of the defendants after the convictions in the 1997 Sherry Conspiracy Murder trial, the briefs of the United States of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Court versus Sheri LaRa Sharpe and the...