Обложка книги Closure Seven: Experiences of a Psychic Medium

Closure Seven: Experiences of a Psychic Medium

ISBN: 141374527X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 72

Book Description In her first novel, psychic medium Marvia Cicchino shares her deeply moving and inspirational accounts of real connections with the other side. Marvia's experiences with the paranormal and people from all over the world will inspire you. Some contents will make you cry, others will make you smile, but after reading her experiences, you will not deny that there is a connection to the spirit world. The messages and people are real and will help you understand that loved ones that have passed may not be with us in body, but will always be with us in spirit. This novel will not only help you through your times of grief, but will help you heal as your loved ones would want you to, replacing a tear with a smile.