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Thomas Lyons

Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic & Spiritual Journey Through a Not Quite Ordinary Life

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ISBN: 1929841140
Издательство: We Publish Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 300
Book DescriptionCan we really bend spoons with our minds? Do regular people have prophetic dreams? Can spirits speak to us from beyond? What does it really mean to be "enlightened?" How you can develop "healing hands." Author Thomas Lyons has seen it alland shares hundreds of stories of mystical experience. Find out form author Thomas Lyons in Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic & Spiritual Journey Through A Not Quite Ordinary Life Author and radio personality Thomas Lyons, host of The Psychic & Spirit Radio Show and the upcoming Spirit Rock Radio, lives most of his life in the ordinary world, but periodically finds the Universe poking its cosmic head into his life and stirring things up. It is these sorts of unusual, and sometimes profound and mind-bending events, that are focused on in the pages ahead. A chronicle of his life of periodic visions, out-of-body experiences, psychic experiments, healing energies, and prophetic dreams, this book is also a record of the author's intellectual...
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