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Gavin M. Bolton

Dorothy Heathcote's Story: Biography of a Remarkable Drama Teacher

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ISBN: 1858562643
Издательство: Trentham Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 191
Book DescriptionDorothy Heathcote is the most public drama-teaching figure in the world. She has taught classes of children in five continents. The numbers must run into millions. In addition, innumerable teachers have watched her teach in person or on video and television. How did someone who left elementary school at 14 become a world authority? Heathcote has now asked Gavin Bolton, who has worked extensively - and co-authored several books with her to write that story. Dr. Bolton describes DorothyHeathcote's upbringing, her work as a mill girl, her theater training, her unprecedented appointment to Durham and Newcastle Universities and her extraordinary rise to fame. He examines the basis for her genius and shows how being a wife and mother contributed to her work.
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