Обложка книги Amilcar Cabral: Revolutionary Leadership And People's War

Amilcar Cabral: Revolutionary Leadership And People's War

ISBN: 1592210821;
Издательство: Africa World Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionThis book, first published in 1983 by Cambridge University Press and now issued for the first time in paperback with a new preface, tells the story of Amilcar Cabral who, as head of PAIGC, Guinea-Bissau?s nationalist movement, becameone of Africa?s foremost revolutionary leaders. In less than twenty years of active political life, Cabral led Guinea-Bissau?s nationalists to the most complete political and military success ever achieved by an African political movement against a colonial power. At the time of his death in 1973, months before Guinea-Bissau became independent, his influence extended well beyond the Lusophone world and Africa. Friends and foes alike admired his political acumen and skills and saw in him a potential leader of a non-aligned movement. His writings have shown him to be a sophisticated analyst of the social, economic, and political factors which have affected and continue to affect the developing world. At a time when...

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