Обложка книги Beria My Father: Inside Stalin's Kremlin

Beria My Father: Inside Stalin's Kremlin

ISBN: 0715632051;
Издательство: Gerald Duckworth & Company
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionFor almost twenty years two men from Georgia dominated the Russians and its empire: Stalin and Beria as head of what was to become the KGB. This book is a memoir of daily life with these two men who sent millions to their graves. It vividly paints Stalin's increasingly psychotic nature and the dread that pervaded everyone's life, even that of Beria, but also the incomprehensible loyalty that Stalin inspired among women such as the author's mother, also a Georgian. It also contains Sergio's anecdotes like the time Svetlana, Stalin's nymphomaniac daughter, chased him. Upon Stalin's mysterious death, Beria dramatically lost the struggle for power with Khrushchev, a Russian, who murdered him with the aid of his fellow politburo members. More than any book currently available, this extraordinary document shows what it was like to grow up at the top in a duplicitous and deeply immoral and violent atmosphere.