Обложка книги Jefferson Davis, Confederate President

Jefferson Davis, Confederate President

ISBN: 0700612939;
Издательство: University Press of Kansas
Страниц: 566

Book DescriptionHe was one of the most embattled heads of state in American history. Charged with building a new nation while waging a war for its very independence, he accepted his responsibilities reluctantly but carried them out with a fierce dedication to his ideals. Those efforts ultimately foundered on the shoals of Confederate defeat, leaving Davis stranded in public memory as both valiant leader and desolate loser. Now two renowned Civil War historians take a new and closer look at Davis's presidency. In the process, they provide a clearer image of his leadership and ability to handle domestic, diplomatic, and military matters under the most trying circumstances--without the considerable industrial and population resources of the North and without the formal recognition of other nations. Hattaway and Beringer show us a man so respected that northern colleagues regretted his departure from the U.S. Senate, but so bent on Southern independence he was willing to impose...