Обложка книги Odin: The Diary of a CIA Assassin

Odin: The Diary of a CIA Assassin

ISBN: 1587362708;
Издательство: Hats Off Books
Страниц: 184

Book DescriptionIn the shadowy corridors of international intelligence and law enforcement, Hank Anlaf is best known as the assassin Odin, named after the Viking "Lord of the Slain," for at every hit he leaves a calling card that bears a symbol of Odin'sRaven. After suffering grievous injuries, then barely slipping through a vast U.S. government dragnet, Hank presents his diary, a firsthand chronicle of Odin's private missions in Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Through Hank's eyes we follow the intricate steps of Odin's assassination plans--all contrived and consummated under the noses of his CIA supervisors. We watch, mouths agape, as Odin extirpates one target after another, without hesitation, without remorse, without mercy. And we furrow our brows, wondering if any end, no matter how noble, can ever justify such brutal means. But for all our questions, we never doubt Odin's steely resolve--or his dark genius for bloodletting.