Обложка книги Assimilating New Leaders : The Key to Executive Retention

Assimilating New Leaders : The Key to Executive Retention

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ISBN: 0814406459;
Издательство: AMACOM

Newly hired senior executives don't need any help, right? After all, they're getting paid top dollar for knowing their stuff! The reality is that executives often do need guidance and support when joining an organization. In fact, a recent survey reported that more than 70% of newly hired executives left their jobs within the first two years! These missteps can wreak havoc on subordinates, departments, customers, suppliers--and ultimately the bottom line. Assimilating New Leaders offers a way to turn around this abysmal turnover rate by proposing an original four-stage process for successfully assimilating new leaders into an organization. By employing this dynamic new model and examining the book's abundance of real-life examples, readerswill learn how to: * Anticipate the potential pitfalls of leadership transitions * Minimize disruption to business cycles and processes * Give new leaders the tools they need to succeed * Understand how to recruit--and...