Обложка книги W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty

W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty

ISBN: 0425194329;
Издательство: Berkley
Страниц: 416

Amazon.comThe premise of Elizabeth Mitchell's W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty is that if you want to understand George W. Bush, you must look at his parents--especially his father. So, it makes sense that Mitchell's book is as much about former President Bush as it is about his son. Mitchell, a former executive editor of George magazine, clearly believes that pleasing his father has been the driving force in George W.'s life, leading him to follow in his father's footsteps almost stride for stride--to Andover, Yale, the oil business, politics, and a run for the presidency. An Andover friend of George W. told Mitchell that he has been resolutely trying "to live up to his father's achievements" his entire life. And that hasn't always proved easy, particularly in school, where George W. excelled in social pursuits rather than academics. "It's the first son syndrome," Mitchell quotes another friend. "You want to live up to the very high expectations set by your father, but at...

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