Обложка книги Business Guide to Malaysia (Business Guide to Asia S.)

Business Guide to Malaysia (Business Guide to Asia S.)

ISBN: 9810067941;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 250

'The Business Guide to Malaysia', part of the Business Guide to Asia' series, will provide detailed information on setting up and running business ventures in Asia. The past seven years has been a period of very rapid economic growth for Malaysia greatly aided by a large inflow of direct foreign investments. It is the aim of the country to achieve a developed contrystatus by the year 2020. The Business Guide to Malaysia addresses all important economic issues ands also gives a legal frame work in order to stimulate foreign investment. The book is wirtten by a panel of experts and provides legal, financial, marketing and other business infomration normally only available for top consultants. An invaluable guide to any company planning to enetr the Malaysian market. practical business advice from leading experts essential guide to avoid costly mistakes