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Joyce Blackburn

James Edward Oglethorpe

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ISBN: 1577363329
Издательство: Hillsboro Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 192
Book Description New Printing! Includes a Foreword by Eugenia Price James Edward Oglethorpe turned his back on Oxford University, his family?s Jacobite schemes, and a career as courtier to a prince to settle as an English country squire. But history was not to let him stay unnoticed. As a member of Parliament in the eighteenth century, Oglethorpe fought for debtors? rights and prison reform, and when he gained them, volunteered to found a new colony in America. Under his direction, settlements were established, strong bonds were formed with the Creek Indians, and the colony of Georgia flourished. He guided it during its formative years and protected it during war with Spain. That alone should have assured Oglethorpe of his place in history...but as he learned, politics and fortune are fickle. In this captivating biography, Joyce Blackburn details the career and life of this gallant gentleman, hero, visionary, and patriot. "...James Edward Oglethorpe,...