Обложка книги Like a Deer Chased by Dogs : The Life of Chief Oshkosh

Like a Deer Chased by Dogs : The Life of Chief Oshkosh

ISBN: 0299211444;
Издательство: University of Wisconsin Press
Страниц: 68

Book DescriptionAnyone who has spent any amount of time in the Lake Winnebago region is familiar with the image of Chief Oshkosh in his tall beaver hat, coat with tails, and his steel-eyed gaze. The city of Oshkosh, a beer company, and numerous other business concerns have used his name and image. Even a bronze statue of a tall muscular Indian stands in Menominee Park over his supposed grave. But who was the real Chief Oshkosh of the Menominee? Folklore concerning his raucous drinking behavior has come down over the past hundred and fifty years and is sometimes difficult to separate from fact. He has been both vilified and praised for the treaties he signed with the federal government. Interviews, recollections, observations and published accounts are complied into a complete picture of the real man. Distributed for the Oshkosh Public Museum