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Nigel Jones

Mosley (Life & Times Series) (Life & Times)

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ISBN: 1904341098
Издательство: Trafalgar Square
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionOswald Mosley was Britain's failed Fuhrer. His political career began brilliantly - he was the youngest MP of his day - but his attraction to fascism led him to found the notorious 'Blackshirts': the British Union of Fascists, secretly funded by Mussolini but increasingly influenced by the Nazis. Released from jail after the war, Mosley tried to restart his movement from exile, attacking Britain's new immigrants and advocating a united white Europe. This is the first independent biography of Mosley since Robert Skidelsky's in 1975 and makes full use of recent research into British fascism. Race, nation and political violence are urgent issues throughout Europe today; Nigel Jones's analysis of Mosley's appeal, and his failure, is vital reading.