Обложка книги Felon For Peace: The Memoir Of A Vietnam-era Draft Resister

Felon For Peace: The Memoir Of A Vietnam-era Draft Resister

ISBN: 0826514952;
Издательство: Vanderbilt University Press
Страниц: 267

Book DescriptionWhen Jerry Elmer turned eighteen at the height of the Vietnam War, he publicly refused to register for the draft, a felony then and now. Later he burglarized the offices of fourteen draft boards in three cities, destroying the files of men eligible to be drafted. After working almost twenty years in the peace movement, he attended law school, where he was the only convicted felon in Harvard's class of 1990. This book is a blend of personal memoir, contemporary history, and astute political analysis. Elmer draws on a variety of sources, including never-before-released FBI files, and argues passionately for the practice of nonviolence. He describes the range of actions he took-from draft card burning to organizing draft board raidswith Father Phil Berrigan; from vigils on the Capitol steps inside "tiger cages" used to torture Vietnamese political prisoners to jail time for protesting nuclear power plants; from a tour of the killing fields of Cambodia to meetings...