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Pat Taylor

Fourth Down & Goal To Go

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ISBN: 1571974326
Издательство: Ivy House Publishing Group
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 311
Book DescriptionPart history and part autobiography, "Fourth Down and Goal to Go" is the humorous and telling narrative of Tarheel native H. Patrick Taylor. A noted statesman and popular local storyteller, the former Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina has recorded his life in the Old North State through tales that stretch back as far as the Great Depression. Incorporating Southern humor and wit, Taylor?s debut collection of short stories will spark laughter, recognition and nostalgia among any reader familiar with the twentieth-century American South. Reviving a time when life was simpler, daily details such as telephone party lines, ice wagons and milk delivery services are fondly remembered. More importantly though, the history of the author?s native state is brought to life, as Taylor expounds on the events and people who shaped North Carolina into the state it is today. An eloquent infusion of history, politics and heritage, "Fourth Down and Goal to Go" is...