Обложка книги Jeannette Rankin: A Political Woman

Jeannette Rankin: A Political Woman

ISBN: 0870818120;
Издательство: University Press of Colorado
Страниц: 317

Book DescriptionJeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress, stands tall among American icons. The representative from Montana won her seat at a time when women didn't have the right to vote in most states. Her firm stances inspired both admiration and fury across party lines, and she gained nearly canonical status among feminists and pacifists. In Jeannette Rankin: A Political Woman, University of Montana professors James Lopach and Jean Luckowski demythologize Rankin, showing her to bea talented, driven, and deeply divided woman. Until now, no biography has explored Rankin's inconsistencies. The authors extensively consulted the correspondence of her family members and contemporaries, uncovering ties between her politics and her familial and personal relationships. They reveal how she succeeded through her wealthy brother's influence as well as her own extraordinary efforts; how she drew inspiration more from the radical hotbed of Greenwich Village than from her...